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Workwear Hacks for Getting Ready in a Flash

We work hard... sometimes we need a few extra minutes of shut eye in the morning.

If you are anything like me, your fingers are all but indented to the shape of your snooze button. Waking up at the first sound of an alarm clock seems like a characteristic of a mythical creature. The silver lining to my snooze button habit is that I have learned to get work ready in a snap. I’ve outlined a couple of outfit hacks below to get you ready for the office in record time.

One-Piece Wonder

Generally speaking, I am a separates loving lady. A skirt and top, as opposed to a dress, allows for more creative freedom in putting an outfit together – the look can be tailored to exactly how you are feeling that particular morning by pairing and accessorizing accordingly.

However, separates are time consuming. So, for the mornings that I have snoozed away those magical outfit curating minutes, I reach for a dress or a jumpsuit (shop my black Parker New York Jumpsuit here). One piece of clothing, zero time spent matching (or strategically and purposefully mismatching), and a polished look is all yours. I keep a pair of black flats, camel flats, black pumps, and my favourite metallic gold pumps by the door at all times so that I have a shoe option for any and every dress or jumpsuit and can head out the door quickly.

Here are some jumpsuit ideas to add to your closet:

Shop these jumpsuits here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

If throwing on a jumpsuit or dress just isn’t you, it may be worth committing a bit of time on the weekend to planning your outfits for the week. I am probably not the only one who isn’t functioning at optimal thinking performance first thing in the morning – at that time of day, not only might I overlook an accessory that would have perfectly tied my look together, I am also probably putting together my outfit at a slower pace. In the name of productivity and efficiency, every minute matters – especially in the morning when you could be sleeping, making a good breakfast to start your day, or fitting in a morning workout.

Take time on the weekend to pre-plan your outfits for the week, from head to toe, and place each full outfit on a hanger. Think Cher from Clueless who had a computer program devoted to her wardrobe options. Some might say that planning each outfit the night before will do the trick just the same. Personally, I like to spend my evenings relaxing with my husband and our pup. In addition, there is an economy of scale to be spoken for in the weekend approach being that you accomplish the task all at once.

Come Monday morning, grab the first hanger and get dressed. Grab the second hanger on Tuesday, the third on Wednesday, and so on. Your outfits will be thoughtfully put together, without the mad morning rush. By cutting out the 10 minutes of your morning that it takes to debate outfit choices, choose the right sweater to layer over your blouse that accentuates the shoes you wanted to wear but didn’t quite go right with the earrings that you could finally show off because you pulled your hair back into a bun, you can reclaim nearly 1 hour of time in just one week and over 40 hours in a year. Your time is valuable (and non-renewable) – use it in the way that benefits you most.

Share your tips and tricks that help you streamline your mornings below and make sure to follow @TheMondayBest on Instagram!

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