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Sweat is not Unladylike

“Women don’t sweat, they ~sparkle~”.

*palm on forehead* *fake gag* *eye roll*

WOMEN SWEAT. Sometimes profusely. We have two to four million sweat glands in our bodies, and those bad boys go to work when we physically exert ourselves in sport (female participation in recreational sport has increased rapidly in the past few decades) and when we are stressed at work (female participation in the workforce nearly doubled from 1950 to 2016 and continues to rise).

Let’s not forget about the “culturally acceptable” female body that women are encouraged (pressured) to obtain and maintain. Women in 2019 are inundated with images of thin, toned, fit women who are rarely shown to be doing the work necessary to achieve such a physique. In reality, women are not immune to sweating (a lot) during and after a workout. Unfortunately, in media and the “real world” alike, most physical aspects of the female body are only socially acceptable in private (see: menstruation, breast feeding, basically all bathroom related processes, and SWEATING). It goes without saying, but this is not okay and it is not something that we should accept.

The idea that women only ~sparkle~ and don’t sweat interferes with our progress, so let’s embrace the sweat. Sweat is not unladylike, it’s a physical indicator of our effort, our passion, our ambition, our potential, and our strength.

The downside of sweat? It can mark and stain our clothing. This can lead to sweat-shaming (not cool) and can reduce the lifespan of our clothing which is something I simply will. not. have.

Enter NUMI. NUMI makes undershirts that are specifically made to absorb sweat to avoid its transfer to clothing. NUMI is a sweat-stain saver and major dry cleaning expense reducer. Plus, never again will you have to stand with your hands on your hips, occupying valuable manspreading space, in an effort to air out your underarms and physically cool down on the sly.

Stop pretending that women don’t sweat. To ignore our basic bodily functions is to perpetuate the idea that women should be ashamed and embarrassed of them. Sweat it out, ladies.

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